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About Us

Our mission is to work for a better society by promoting open hardware, software, networks, data and knowledge.

Our Vision is a future where education, digital tools and knowledge empower people to share ideas and technical skills.

In all its actions and efforts, Tilda Center is guided by these values:

Collaboration: Working effectively across disciplines, organizations and communities to combine efforts and share information in pursuit of shared goals;

Excellence: Maintaining our commitment to quality and pursuit of the highest standards; Innovation: Constantly seeking and applying leading edge ideas, practices and knowledge; Integrity: Following standards and best practices for confidentiality, safety, protection of privacy and ethical conduct; Passion: Effectively translating unwavering dedication to our mission into practical, relevant, high quality actions that make a positive difference;

Respect: Tilda Center does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status or socioeconomic status;

Phone: +381 (0) 65 2 474 626

Email: office@tilda.center

Address: Ć ekspirova 6, 21000 Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia

How we started

humble beginings Humble beginings
hacking Hacking
it works! It works!
design, css and ui Design, CSS and UI
linux kernel 0.0.1 Linux kernel 0.0.1
we didn't steal the cookies We didn't steal the cookies
blue screen of pumpkin Blue screen of pumpkin
welcome, guests Welcome, guests!
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